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We Make Learning Fun

Learning should be fun, so we offer developmentally appropriate programs that intersperse supervised free play along with teacher-directed activities throughout the day. We offer a diverse curriculum of creative arts, music and movement, language communication skills, large and small motor coordination activities, and number and letter recognition. All of these activities encourage your child to express themselves and at the same time have fun.

In a trusting and safe environment your child’s self-concept is enhanced by learning how to get along with others, learning to express emotions and feelings, and developing a sense of responsibility and self esteem.


We utilize the Creative Curriculum Approach for assessing the children.  There are four areas of development that are assessed throughout the year; Physical Development, Cognitive Development, Language Development, and Social/Emotional Development.  Both indoor and outdoor activities are planned to encourage development in all four areas.  A weekly lesson plan is completed by the classroom teachers and posted in the classroom.  A list of objectives is posted in all the classrooms for reference for the parents and staff, as well.  The infant and toddler rooms have a set of 21 objectives for their curriculum and the preschool rooms have a set of 50 objectives.  Regardless of ability, experience, or special needs, every child can succeed using the Creative Curriculum Approach to assessment and learning.

Through interactions, conversations, collecting work samples, and interviews with parents, we collect data that will help us identify where your child is developmentally.  This data is also used to make changes to the classroom environment according to a child's individual need and interests.  The information is also used for lesson planning and activity preparation.  Teachers observe the children regularly, both inside the classroom and outside on the play yard.  Notes are taken to document what the children are doing, what they are saying, how they are thinking, what skills they have mastered, and how they are interacting with each other.

The purpose of collecting observation notes and facts is to get to know each child individually.  The staff then complete and individual child profile using The Creative Curriculum Continuum and then progress report/family conference form.  The developmental continuum is used to determine what objectives are met and what objectives may need more attention.  There are four different levels on the continuum for each objective; forerunner level, step one, step two, and step three.  Once the child has mastered the first level, activities and experiences will be planned to help advance him/her to the next level.

If you would like to learn more about the assessment process, learning objectives, or The Creative Curriculum Developmental Continuum, please visit the Teaching Strategies website.