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The Arbors Kids philosophy is simple. We truly care about kids. Each of our programs offer a safe and nurturing environment that promote a young child’s growing awareness of self and others. The Arbors Kids offer a place to explore, grow, and learn. We encourage the social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development of the children by engaging them in activities and relationships that help them solve problems, interact with others, and develop a confidence in themselves. In a trusting and safe environment a young child’s self-concept is enhanced by learning how to get along with others, learning to express emotions and feelings, and by giving them responsibility. All children can be proud of who they are, here at The Arbors Kids.

Learning is fun! Children respond well to activities that are age appropriate and exciting. Our daily schedule allows time for teacher-directed activities as well as time for child-initiated free play. We utilize The Creative Curriculum Approach to set up many activities including creative arts, music and movement, language and literacy, large and small motor coordination, drama, math, science, social studies, cooking, and number/letter/shape recognition activities. Through The Creative Curriculum assessment process, the information gathered about your child’s progress is used to meet his/her developmental needs.

Goals and Objectives

Our goal is to work in partnership with parents in supporting a child’s emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth. Parents will be assured of a safe, affordable, and nurturing childcare. Our environment will foster self expression, social growth and development. We will guide children through positive discipline, reflective listening, logical consequences, and peaceful alternatives to make responsible decisions. Our program will offer a variety of developmentally appropriate creative, physical, and intellectual activities, maintaining a balance of quiet, active, and self directed time. We want children to feel safe and comfortable, and feel like a valued and important member of The Arbors Kids family. Our goal for all children in our program is to learn, grow, and have fun.