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Professional Staff

Staff are encouraged to continue their education by attending courses and working toward a degree in Early Childhood Education or related field. All teaching staff must meet the qualifications for teacher certification according to The Department of Early Education and Care or show progress toward becoming qualified.

Staff are required to complete a professional development plan that outlines their short term and long term goals. It should include trainings, classes, workshops, and courses that the employee plans to complete within a period of time. It will be maintained in every employee's file. It will be reviewed periodically between employee and administration to determine if progress has been made. It will be updated annually as part of the employee's performance evaluation.

The Arbors Kids strive to employ dedicated and educated employees. It is important for us that every employee creates, works towards, and achieves his/her professional goals.

Staff are encouraged to work together with other employees to reach professional development goals. When we motivate each other and inspire one another to succeed the entire team will benefit; in return the staff are happier and the children will continue to receive the quality care we strive to provide.